A new generation of cell-free bioactive products

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GOOD CELLS is a leader in Ukraine in the development and application of exosomes derived from mesenchymal stem cells that are used as a tool in a new field of cell-free therapy.


exosomes for hair loss treatment

Exosomes - a new generation of cell-free therapy

Exosomes are microscopic (nanosized) extracellular vesicles (bubbles) with a diameter of 30-150 nanometers, which are produced by any cell in the body, including stem cells. Due to the content of various biologically active molecules (mRNA, miRNA, growth factors, enzymes, other signaling molecules), exosomes can have a positive effect on the work of tissues and organs, stimulating regeneration and inhibiting aging.

Functions of exosomes from MSCs in the body

The main function of exosomes in the body - participation in intercellular communication and transport of substances. They deliver enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, growth factors, RNA, miRNA and other important molecules to where they are needed. Through the transmission of signaling molecules, exosomes derived from mesenchymal stem cells are responsible for:




Prevention of cell death


Stimulation of cell division




Formation of new blood vessels


Support of antioxidant system

The unique properties of exosomes make them an important object of attention of the scientific community. The number of scientific publications about them is growing every year. Exosome treatment may soon become commonplace in many countries with advanced medicine.
Read more about what exosomes are, what functions they perform in the body, in our article.

Advantages of exosomes

Exosomes have many advantages over both standard treatment and stem cell therapy:
Follow the link to learn more about the benefits of exosomes derived from MSCs.


Completely natural product


Do not carry the risk of oncotransformation


Does not elicit an immune response


Does not cause irritation




Long lasting effect


Great variety of biologically active substances

Areas of exosomes application

Dozens of clinical trials using exosomes have been reported worldwide. The most popular areas of their application:

exosomes for healthy hair

to stimulate hair growthin trichology for alopecia and hair loss

exosomes for improving skin condition

to improve the condition of the skin (postacne, photoaging, wrinkles)

exosomes in orthopedics

in orthopedics 

exosomes for COVID recovery

for the treatment of COVID-19 and recovery of the body from its effects

exosomes for ulcers healing

for the treatment of burns and trophic ulcers

We have gathered detailed information about the prospects of their use here. Detailed information on the toxicity, safety and pharmacokinetics of the product in the article by the link.


GOOD CELLS is an innovative Ukrainian biotechnology company with a high-capacity biotechnology laboratory, a modern clinic and its own cryobank.


Biotechnology company №1 in Ukraine for the manufacture of exosomal products.


Own biotechnological laboratory, which has no analogues in Ukraine, a modern clinic and cryobank.


The quality and safety of each dose of the product is confirmed by the passport.


Personalized logistics and full partner support.

Equipment of GOOD CELLS

In 2021, the laboratory was completed with the necessary equipment
for the production and characterization of exosomal products.

Malvern Panalytical NanoSight LM10 exosomes

Malvern Panalytical
NanoSight LM10

ultracenrtifuge exosomes


GoodEXOCells exosomes for hair loss treatment 

How does the Good Cells Lab work

Exosomes in trichology. Maria Tryfonova about her experience of GoodEXOCells exosomes application

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Do you have any questions left?

  • What are the contraindications to the use of exosomes?

    ● use of anticoagulants and fibrinolytics;● malignant tumors, including oncohematology;● diffuse toxic goiter, diabetes mellitus;● pregnancy and lactation;● taking corticosteroids and immunosuppressants (in the past 2 weeks) before the procedure;● suffered acute illnesses and fever (in the past 2 weeks) before the procedure;● chronic pathologies in the stage of decompensation;● systemic autoimmune connective tissue diseases.

  • How do we deliver exosomes?

    We deliver our products in Ukraine and abroad. We accept orders at least 3 working days before the desired delivery date of the product.
    The product is transported in a special thermal box with cold batteries to maintain a temperature of + 4… + 6 ° C, which ensures the stability and quality of biotechnological products.

  • Do we have documents to work with an exosomal product?

    Yes, we have all the permits to work with biological materials of this type and a patent for a method of manufacturing an exosomal product to stimulate scalp regeneration and hair growth.

  • Is it possible to combine the GoodEXOCells with other treatment methods?

    An exosomal product can be combined with PRP and organic grafts.

  • Can I purchase a GoodEXOCells product for my own use?

    Unfortunately, no. GoodEXOCells products are intended exclusively for professional use by specialists with medical education. Please discuss the possibility of using the product in your case with your doctor.

  • How can I be sure of the quality of the GoodEXOCells product?

    Each batch of the GoodEXOCells product line undergoes rigorous quality and safety controls. The characteristics and test results of the producer cells are indicated in the product passport, which is attached to the product packaging.

exosomes from Good Cells

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