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GoodEXOCells, екзосоми, лікування деменції

Exosomes for tissue regeneration

GoodEXOCells TISSUE RENOVATION COMPLEX is an innovative biotechnological product based on exosomes for the comprehensive restoration of soft tissues, their connective tissue elements, mucous membranes of organs damaged by trauma and/or long-term infectious processes and age-related changes as well as inflammatory processes reduction, and innervation restoration.


  • Concentration

    3 billion/ml

  • Volume

    1 ml in a sterile vial

  • Source of exosomes

    ADSCs, UC-MSCs and NC-MSC

  • Expiration date

    The product is stable for 6 months when stored at -20º C and for 14 days at +4...+6º C. After opening the vial, store the product at +4...+6º C for no more than one day. Do not allow repeated freeze/thaw cycles. The product is transported in cold accumulators at a temperature of +4...+6º C and on dry ice.



The unique method of production of the exosomal product GoodEXOCells is protected by the patent of Ukraine for a utility model.
If you are interested in more scientific information about exosomes, the results of their clinical applications or the peculiarities of the process of their manufacture, we invite you to our website, where we regularly publish up-to-date information about product research and its application in the world.


For each batch of GoodEXOCells, we prepare a unique passport, which contains all the key characteristics of the product, the producer cells and the results of the infectious screening.


The unique composition of exosomes




Highly purified exosomes

No preservatives

Quick result

Complex and natural effect

High diversity and concentration of biologically active substances

For each batch of GoodEXOCells we prepare a unique passport, which contains all the key characteristics of the product, producer cells and the results of infection screening.

GOOD CELLS is a leader in Ukraine in the development and application of exosomes derived from mesenchymal stem cells that are used as a tool in a new field of cell-free therapy.


Application of GoodEXOCells tissue renovation complex

The product accelerates and improves the recovery of soft tissues and connective tissue elements, as well as mucous membranes of organs after injuries and long-term infectious processes.



Chronic bronchitis


Post-COVID syndrome

Other areas of medicine

Kraurosis vulvae

Erectile dysfunction


Postoperative conditions

Deep lesions of soft tissues

Pathologies of the musculoskeletal system 

The action of exosomes GoodEXOCells TISSUE RENOVATION COMPLEX

Proliferation of the body's own stem cells and replacement of damaged tissue elements

Restoration of innervation and tissue receptor apparatus

Improvement of the body's metabolic processes

Improving the sensitivity of receptors

Normalization of immune system cells, strengthening of their protective properties

Strengthening the walls of blood vessels, improving tissue nutrition

Antifibrotic effect

Application results

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  • Are there any side effects of using the GoodEXOCells tissue renovation complex?

    Minor local reactions may occur after using the product: redness, swelling, haemorrhage, formation of papules, itching, and bruises. Serious or long-term side effects due to the use of the product are not usually observed.

  • What are the contraindications for using GoodEXOCells tissue renovation complex?

    ● malignant neoplasms in anamnesis;● dermatitis in the acute stage;● acute fever with fever (in the past 2 weeks);● pregnancy and lactation;● the use of anticoagulants and fibrinolytics;● taking corticosteroids and immunosuppressants (in the past 2 weeks).

  • How can one product be effective for such a large number of completely different diseases?

    The action of exosomes is aimed at regulating basic processes in the body: reducing inflammation, improving tissue nutrition and stimulating regeneration. Such mechanisms of action are effective in many diseases affecting mucous membranes and soft tissues, regardless of the nature of their damage.

  • Why are these producer cells used for the production of GoodEXOCells tissue renovation complex?

    GOOD CELLS specialists have selected a combination of producer cells that most effectively affect soft tissues and mucous membranes. Mesenchymal cells of adipose tissue effectively relieve inflammation and start regenerative processes, mesenchymal stem cells of the umbilical cord stimulate angiogenesis and improve tissue nutrition, and neural crest-derived stem cells restore tissue innervation. The combination of exosomes from these cells provides comprehensive restoration of connective tissue and accelerates rehabilitation after surgical interventions and infectious lesions.

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